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GREEN DOT Campaign to increase awareness of violence against women

Green Dot logoTo increase awareness of violence against women, the UTC Transformation Project will launch the Green Dot Campaign on Wednesday, March 21.  This themed campaign aims to transform the university culture by making it safer for everyone.  Three presentations will be made at 9 a.m., 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. in the Raccoon Mountain Room.

By using the color green to evoke proactive responses, the UTC campus community will be continually reminded to take action to prevent violence and to support victims.

“As we begin to implement the campaign at UTC, we look for help to make us visible,” said Sara Peters, Director of the newly formed Women's Center and adjunct faculty for the Women’s Studies program.  “Faculty and staff are encouraged to wear a pin, to let students know that violent behavior is not okay, and that victims will be supported and cared for.”

At the University of Kentucky, where the Green Dot Campaign has been successfully implemented, students coined the phrase “Green Dot moments,” according to Dr. Helen Eigenberg, Professor and Head of the Criminal Justice Department.

“We live in a violent culture, and it seems too large a problem to change,” Eigenberg said.  “Green Dot moments address the problem.  They include: countering a sexist remark; intervening in a violent incident; helping a friend in trouble; fundraising; becoming a volunteer.”

Eigenberg encourages everyone on campus to educate themselves about violence against women.

“We must acknowledge that most survivors are victimized by someone known to them.  We need to educate ourselves about the problems and damage created by ‘stranger danger’ programs and attitudes,” Eigenberg said. 

There are three proactive responses everyone can use, according to Eigenberg:

  • Make “blame the victim” language intolerable in your sphere of influence
  • Be visibly aware and concerned
  • Listen to a victim and take the time to refer her to professionals who can help—in an emergency, call 911; at the University, offer to contact the UTC Women’s Center

For more information, please contact Sara Peters at the UTC Women’s Center by emailing or call 425-5605.  Peters’ office is located in Room 334 in the UTC University Center. 

March 13, 2007