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UT Board approves new maintenance fees

The UT Board of Trustees has determined tuition rates for students at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.  Tuition will increase by six percent, beginning in fall 2007.  A student approved Green Fee and Student Health Fee also received approval.

“We appreciate our state lawmakers taking action to appropriate more funding for University operating expenses,” said Chancellor Roger Brown.  “We do all we can to keep tuition increases lower, so as not to burden our students and their families.”

In spring 2007, students voted in favor of a $10 Green Fee, which will support recycling, clean energy.  A $25 health fee will help support physical and emotional health services to the campus.

In 2006, students also voted in favor of a $40 wellness center fee, which will be implemented in fall 2007. 

New student lab fees will also be implemented in fall 2007.  Lab fees will be paid only by students who take lab classes.  Students will pay $25 to cover the cost of consumable goods. 

June 22, 2007