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UTC honors memory of those lost at Virginia Tech

A campus community remembrance of the lives lost at Virginia Tech brought students, faculty and staff to Heritage Plaza for a ceremony organized by the UTC Student Government Association (SGA) and the Student Development Division.

The new president of the SGA, Bill Staley, welcomed the crowd. “We come here today for a vigil for the students who lost their lives yesterday. They were in class, they were learning, they weren’t doing anything wrong,” Staley said. Staley said he was heartened by the outpouring of concern from campuses all over the country. In an email, Staley said he offered his condolences and assistance to the SGA president at Virginia Tech.

Keith Moore, Director of the United Methodist Student Center, observed a moment of silence for “lives we have not known that have been torn from us and their loved ones.”

The UTC Chamber Singers performed under the direction of Dr. Kevin Ford.

Chancellor Roger Brown spoke of how we “try to understand how a human being is capable of doing an inhuman action.” Brown observed that many in the UTC campus community felt a deep sense of compassion for the families of those who fell yesterday. He asked everyone to keep in their thoughts the first responders, those in public safety and the administration at Virginia Tech, as that campus begins to comprehend its loss.

Earlier in the day, Brown sent an email to campus. “Events like this remind us that we must be ever vigilant,” Brown said. “Each day, there are 10,000 sets of eyes on our campus who can watch for potential dangers, and perhaps even more importantly, who can identify the warning signs when a student or colleague might be in crisis and need of help. We are a community, and it is appropriate that we watch out for one another.”

Virginia Tech memorial Virginia Tech memorial

Virginia Tech memorial Virginia Tech memorial

Virginia Tech memorial Virginia Tech memorial

May 1, 2007