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C'est fantastique

Paris, France, has become the classroom for a group of UTC students, who are discovering the City of Light as a text, and as literary agent for French classes (FREN 499/ HUM 499 and FREN 411). They are also examining the country under the Occupation for a history class (HIST 385/ HUM 499). Dr. Victoria Steinberg, Dr. John Steinberg, and Dr. Karen Adsit are the faculty accompanying the group.

As the students study Paris as text, they have been challenged to incorporate their explorations and experiences into a video production that reflects their interpretation of Paris. The assignment counts for 60 percent of their grade. Students completed a storyboard for the project before the trip to France.

“Students are responsible for gathering, recording, and producing sounds to incorporate into the video; collecting images for incorporation; designing the sound track to accompany the production; and they then produce and edit the video to include audio and video segments,” according to Dr. Victoria Steinberg.

These QuickTime videos are available for viewing.

June 16, 2006

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