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UT President Petersen and Chancellor Brown unveil strategic plan

UT President John Petersen and UTC Chancellor Roger Brown introduced to state lawmakers a system-wide plan to increase the number of Tennesseans with undergraduate degrees. This new strategic plan was approved by the University’s Board of Trustees in June.

“As challenging as this plan’s goals are, the prospect of their results is even more exciting,” Petersen said. “With the University of Tennessee taking the lead in increasing the number of Tennesseans with college degrees, enhancing our state’s economic competitiveness and addressing issues that affect the health and well-being of our citizens, we can improve the lives of Tennesseans.”

Student access and success, research and economic development, and outreach and globalization are the key areas of the plan. Goals include:

  • Increasing enrollment and student scholarship support
  • Improving graduation rates
  • Recruitment of premier faculty, striving for research prizes and faculty membership in prestigious national academies
  • Establishing economic development, including patents issued, and economic impact of technology transfer
  • Outreach to those served through the University, and promoting faculty engagement in externally funded outreach
  • Globalization of students with UT sponsored international study experience, forming active, formal international collaborative agreements, and encouraging faculty to engage in sponsored international projects.

Additional goals include addressing faculty salaries, the size of administration budget compared to peers, staff salaries compared to market value, faculty and staff diversity, and awareness of strategic emphasis components.

The Tennessee Board of Regents will join the UT system to work toward increasing the number of college-educated adults in Tennessee, Petersen said.

Petersen also discussed the strategic plan on the Martin and Knoxville campuses this week, and he is scheduled to address the Health Science Center campus in Memphis next week.

President John Petersen's Presentation
Jack Britt's Presentation
Robert Levy’s Presentation
David Millhorn’s Presentation

August 9, 2006

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