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UTC partners with Siskin, Chattanooga Group

UTC has joined in a partnership with Siskin Hospital for Physical Rehabilitation and the Chattanooga Group to help patients recover from stroke and other physically debilitating illnesses.

In spring semester, testing will begin on the effectiveness of electrotherapy in restoring sensation and motion to stroke patients’ arms. Equipment that stimulates nerves in the arm through electric impulses, made by the Chattanooga Group, will be used. 

Research costs will be shared by UTC, Siskin and Chattanooga Group. 

Dr. David Levine, P.T., O.C.S., Professor and Walter M. Cline Chair of Excellence in Physical Therapy and Acting Department Head, says this is the evolution of a long relationship the University has had with Siskin.

“The University has faculty and students from the Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and soon from Health and Human Performance as well working on research in collaboration with Siskin,” said Levine.  “While faculty will be the lead investigators, students will also be heavily involved in all facets of the research as will Siskin employees.”

Through this research, Chattanooga Group is hoping to gauge the effectiveness of rehabilitating patients; however, the manufacturer will not be directly involved in the research, so that the results are independent.  The University will play a pivotal role in the partnership

“The real role of UTC is to guide the research and oversee all facets of the projects.  Dissemination would likely be in a variety of journals relevant to physical rehabilitation such as Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation,” said Levine.

November 28, 2006

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