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Sculpture in steel

sculpture photo

It is difficult to describe, but there is a must-see heavy metal achievement set outside the Department of Art.

Under the direction of Art Department faculty member Daniel Bethune, students in Art 233 Sculpture 1 have created welded steel sculpture based on the work of David Smithson.

“Smithson is a post World War II artist who is commonly associated with the abstract expressionist. A large part of this project was the process of collecting elements that had some visual interest and assembling the pieces into a formally resolved sculpture. Conceptually, the idea was to create a ‘tank totem,’ a term from Smithson's work, that was at least as tall or long as the individual student,” Bethune said.

Look for the student work outside the UTC Fine Arts Center, located on the corner of Vine and Palmetto Streets.

“With this project I also seek to engage the population outside of the art department by placing the finished sculptures in the landscape around the building,” Bethune said.

Student artists who participated in the welding project include:

Melinda Taylor
Rebekah Salsbury
Erin Tinsley
Gabriel Negrete
Jeremy Fox
Sarah Thames
Stephen Nemecek
Lisa Lang
Ashley Folkner
Sharon Farrelly

sculpture photo sculpture photosculpture photo sculpture photo

December 1, 2006

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