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Send student submissions to the Roosevelt Review

University students are urged to send paper submissions to the Roosevelt Institution for the Spring 2007 issue of the Roosevelt Review, a peer review journal for students published by the Roosevelt Institution.  Paper topics should be on one of the three Roosevelt Institution challenges:

  1. Reduce U.S. dependence on foreign, harmful, and unsustainable energy. Climate change is one of the greatest challenges ever faced by human civilization; the burden to address it falls heavily on the young. At the center of the global warming problem are the enormous quantities of carbon dioxide continuously entering the atmosphere. The issue is an engineering issue, an environmental issue, a social justice issue, and a geopolitical issue.
  2. Build an America that works for working families. With 70% of mothers in America now in the work force, the traditional organization of work and family is no longer serving working Americans. A major reworking of any number of government policies is needed to allow American families to be able to work and raise their kids.
  3. Increase socio-economic diversity in higher education. In recent years, higher education has become less and less accessible to students of a wide variety of backgrounds. The demographic from which college students are drawn is now more economically exclusive than it has ever been, at great cost to American society. Finding ways to ensure that higher education is an opportunity available to all Americans, regardless of their background, is a worthy challenge for the nation’s first student think tank.

Read more or email questions to Kristen Spires, UTC Roosevelt Institution Chapter Head.

December 8, 2006