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International students welcome

Chancellor Roger Brown has proclaimed globalization of the UTC campus to be among his primary initiatives. He hopes undergraduate and graduate students from around the world will apply to UTC in increasing numbers, and he is encouraging UTC students, faculty, and staff to look for opportunities to study and research abroad.

“Our world is getting smaller, and we must prepare our students to succeed in a global marketplace of commerce and ideas,” said Brown. “Not only will our graduates be working side-by-side with colleagues from around the world, but with today’s technology, they will develop professional and personal relationships with individuals who are living on the other side of the planet. Understanding and appreciation of the cultures and customs of others must be part of the college experience.”

Learn more about international student admissions.

To celebrate the international diversity on campus, UTC’s multicultural organizations are sponsoring WorldFest, April 3-7.

March 24, 2006

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