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Students donate the extras

At the end of each spring semester, college students everywhere are faced with a dilemma—how to squeeze their belongings into the car heading for home? After students prioritize the importance of accumulated personal property, they realize some items will have to be sacrificed.

This spring, the University Honors Program sponsored "Don't throw it away, give it away: Campus-wide food and clothing drive," which has yielded generous donations to The Chattanooga Area Food Bank and Chattanooga Goodwill. The drive was held through Wednesday, May 3.

UHON Council members, Karin Tillstrom and DeMarcus Pegues coordinated the food donations and pick-ups, which netted 1800 pounds of food and Shirin Ahlhauser and Jessica Woods coordinated the clothing donations and pickup, which amounted to half a truck full of clothing, or 20 barrels.

“This year's food drive was the best ever,” said Gary Paul, Development Coordinator, Chattanooga Area Food Bank. “The variety and condition of the food donated by UTC students was exceptional. The concept of sharing good food instead of throwing it away is the basic principle on which the Food Bank operates.”

Response to the drive was at its peak in the final three days, when most students were moving out of campus housing. There were food and clothing donation barrels in each of the Housing Offices, and there were additional food barrels in Guerry Center, Lupton Library, Campus Crossroads, and the University Center.

“At the end of the semester, I know college students, especially graduating seniors, have plenty on their minds,” Paul said. “I am proud of UTC students for taking time to help others during this hectic period.

May 19, 2006

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