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Psychology Department offers Constructive Living lecture

The Psychology Department is sponsoring the lecture "Constructive Living: A Theory of Psychotherapy" by renowned psychologist and author David K. Reynolds. The lecture is free. This event will be held  Thursday, August 31, from noon-2 p.m. in the Raccoon Room of the University Center

Constructive living is a Western approach to mental health education based in large part on adaptations of two Japanese psychotherapies, Morita therapy and Naikan therapy.  Constructive living (CL) presents an educational method of approaching life realistically and thoughtfully.  The action aspect of Constructive Living emphasizes accepting reality (including feelings), focusing on purposes, and doing what needs doing.  The appreciation aspect of constructive living enables us to understand the present and past more clearly and to live in recognition of the support we receive from the world.

David K. Reynolds is recognized as the leading Western authority on Japanese psychotherapies.  He is a former faculty member of the UCLA School of Public Health, the USC School of Medicine, and the University of Houston.  His books have been published by university presses (California, Chicago, Hawaii, and New York) and popular presses in the U.S., Japan, China, Europe, Australia, and elsewhere.  In 1988 the World Health Organization sent Dr. Reynolds to China to train psychiatrists there in constructive living.  He currently lectures and conducts workshops around the Pacific, including approximately three months in spring and three months in fall in Japan lecturing and consulting in Japanese. He is the only Westerner to receive the Kora Prize and the Morita Prize by the Morita Therapy Association of Japan.

August 25, 2006

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