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Outstanding chemistry students recognized

Dr. Thomas G. Waddell, Guerry Professor of Chemistry, entertained a crowd of students, parents and guests assembled for the 18th annual Chemistry Department Honors with a photographic narrative meant to convey a “flavor of UTC Chemistry and the nature of the students’ environment.” Waddell told the crowd:

  • Dr. Gail Meyer, affectionately known as “the heart and soul of UTC Chemistry,” began her career at the University as a student in 1972, and she is now Department Head. “That will show you what can happen if you hang around a long time,” Waddell said. Waddell also thanked Meyer’s predecessor, Dr. Doug Kutz, who served as head of the department for ten years.
  • Dr. Steven Symes, analytical chemistry and space science, was co-author of a National Science Foundation grant to purchase a Liquid Chromatography system, which supports and enhances departmental research and teaching efforts.
  • Chemistry students are active on campus! Three chemistry majors were cheerleaders, and one was in the band.
  • Chemistry majors are active in the community, using their skills to educate young students at places like the Creative Discovery Museum.

Waddell closed by saying the UTC Chemistry Department is “a wonderful place to work and a wonderful place to be a student.” Waddell has been a treasured faculty member in the chemistry department since 1971.

See pictures from the chemistry banquet.

The following student awards were announced at the banquet:

Gamma Sigma Epsilon, chemistry honor society:
Maikel Botros
Timothy Brooks
Claire Brown
Daniel Chatham
Lauren DeLoach
Mallory Hacker
David Hays
Bradley McKeown
Lindsey Miller
Kevin Terry
Ivan Zubkov
Chris Zwilling

Undergraduate Award in Analytical Chemistry
Matthew Zoerb

Undergraduate Award in Organic and Polymer Chemistry
Scott Kindelberger

Hypercube Scholar
(Outstanding student in Computational Chemistry)

Rachel Hansel

American Institute of Chemists Award
(Outstanding senior with industrial interest)

Randi Gant

American Chemical Society Award
(Outstanding senior)

Matthew Zoerb

William O. Swan Award
(Outstanding freshman)

Rishi Naik

John W. Edwards Award
(Outstanding sophomore and junior)

Sarah Easparam Maikel Botros

Benjamin H. Gross Awards
(Outstanding Seniors)

Weinan Chen Katherine Ziegler

May 19, 2006

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