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Chancellor for a day

"Chancellor Staley" shares a light moment with the
Chancellor's Executive Staff. Pictured from left: Staley,
Terry Denniston, Assistant to the Chancellor; John
Schaerer, Special Assistant to the Chancellor and
Director, Riverbend Technology Institute;
Barbara Ann Wofford, Associate Professor and
Director, Affirmative Action.

Bill Staley, the lucky student who won first prize in a campus drawing, became Chancellor for the day, and Chancellor Roger Brown became a student again. “Trading Places 2006” was sponsored by the Student Alumni Council.

“I wouldn’t say I necessarily learned anything new, as much as I would say my appreciation grew exponentially for the Chancellor, his staff, and the rest of the employed body of UTC,” Staley said. “By actually being in the Chancellor’s shoes, one sees a glimmer of what our administrators do on a daily basis to improve the quality of education offered and the magnificent experience enjoyed by all.”

“Chancellor” Staley had an opportunity to preside over the Chancellor’s Staff meeting, and then he attended an African-American Advisory Committee with “student” Roger Brown. Staley attended a presentation for the Athletics Director Search Committee and later met with Interim Vice Chancellor for Student Development Hugh Prevost.

“I had an awesome meeting with Interim Vice Chancellor Prevost on several projects, ideas, and services we would like to implement through the Student Development Division,” Staley said. “With the help of the Deans of Students and the efforts of SGA, we can drastically improve the institution as far as students’ needs are concerned.”

"Student Roger Brown" takes notes.

Brown took copious notes as he sat in an accounting class taught by Dr. Marilyn Wills and later in a business class taught by Dr. Joanie Sompayrac. Sompayrac introduced Bill Staley’s substitute, and explained students could experience some blushing, as the topic for the day was sexual harassment in the workplace.

At the end of the day, Staley said the experience was unique. “To all the students out there: believe me when I say our administrators are working hard to make UTC the best.”

Partial proceeds from the voluntary donations to Trading Places 2006 will benefit the American Heart Association.

April 17, 2006

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