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Center for Community Career Education to be honored

Tennessee Center for Performance Excellence’s 2005 Quality Interest Recognition has been awarded to The Center for Community Career Education at UTC. This achievement will be honored in Nashville at the Excellence in Tennessee Awards Banquet on February 23.

The Tennessee Center for Performance Excellence, through its annual evaluation and assessment process, recognizes organizations that have achieved the highest standards of excellence in their operations and results. The program uses the Criteria for Performance Excellence established by the Baldrige National Quality Program as the evaluation tool.

“The quest for excellence distinguishes Tennessee as a place where businesses flourish, consistently high standards are set and attained, and a skilled, competent workforce is ready for future challenges,” Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen said. “Winners of the Tennessee Excellence Award not only reach the highest national and international performance standards in their industries year after year – they set them.”

The Center for Community Career Education is a non-profit, career and educational counseling and training center within the College of Health, Education and Professional Studies. Providing direct service to individuals as well as technical assistance to organizations and agencies allows the Center to apply its skills in the classroom and share best practices with many non-profit and for profit organizations.

Established in 1980, the Center has worked with over 19,000 individuals in Chattanooga and across the region to assist adults and youth who are in a significant life transition: returning to work or college, enrolling in college for the first time, or seeking their first job.

Center Director Sandy Cole says this first level of recognition by The Tennessee Center for Performance Excellence is allowing the Center to use the Baldrige criteria todevelop quality strategies for improvement.

“We will be studying organizations similar to ours to establish benchmarks for performance," Cole said. “We will be using this process to assist the Center in determining the direction we will take over the next 25 years.”

Cole credits Dr. Mary Tanner, Dean of the College of Education, for supporting this award process, which will move the Center's strategic plan forward.

The Center is pleased to be one of 17 organizations to receive Interest Recognition, and Katie Rawls, president of the Tennessee Center for Performance Excellence, applauds this accomplishment.

“The 2005 Award winners represent the best and have done a great service by setting high standards for others to follow,” Rawls said.

February 15, 2006

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