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Dear Faculty and Staff Colleagues,

As we begin a new school year, I want to say that serving as your chancellor this past year has been a true privilege.  Carolyn and I thank each of you for the warm welcome we received and for your assistance in making our transition to Chattanooga and the University smooth and enjoyable.

What a year it has been! I appreciate the level of commitment and dedication each of you share for this campus and our students.

I want to take this opportunity to bring you an update on the approved 2006-07 University budget and recommended strategic fiscal allocations for this year.

The challenges in the fiscal planning process for 2006-07 included:

  • Limited availability of new revenue sources,
  • Requirements to fund ongoing commitments to prior programs,
  • Increased instructional costs due to anticipated growth in student enrollment. 

We made a strong effort to ensure every dollar allocated supported our strategic planning initiatives of student success, student access, partnerships and outreach, research, economic development, and globalization of the University. 

I want to thank everyone across the campus who participated in what I hope was an open, transparent, and understandable budget shaping process.  My sincere appreciation is extended to participation of our shared governance groups, including the Faculty Senate, Exempt Staff Council, Employee Relations Committee, Council of Department Heads, Council of Deans, and the Student Government Association.

Highlights of our strategic planning and final budget recommendations include the following:

New Revenues 2006-07

4.1% Tuition and Fee Increase $1,412,941
Increase in State Appropriations for Insurance 90,100
Increase in State Appropriations for 401K 103,600
Increase in State Appropriations for Longevity 67,700
Increase in State Appropriations for Operating 1,299,700
Increase in Athletic Fee (Est based on $20 per student)   300,000

Recommended and Approved Expenditures
From New Revenues 2006-07

Faculty Rollovers & Faculty Promotions $120,000
E.Ed Doctoral Program Rollovers (first of 2 payments)   200,000
Computational Engineering Faculty (last payment) 520,000
Additional Faculty for Gen Ed Courses 150,000
Permanently Funded Major Gifts Position 60,000
Utility Increases (gas, electric, water) 200,000
2% Salary Increase for all UTC employees 1,062,693
Student Success Center 60,000
Athletic Fee Allocation ($20 Student Athletic Fee) 300,000
Fire Alarm Systems inspections per TOSHA 29,000
Increase in Employee Insurance 90,000

2006-07 Budget Allocations
of New Revenues by Division

Area Amount   Percent
Chancellor $2,453 0.08%
University Advancement 86,562 2.94%
Student Development 93,820 3.18%
Athletics 217,891 7.40%
Finance, Operations, and IT   208,169 7.07%
Academic Affairs 1,757,247 59.64%
Scholarships 53,905 1.83%
Institutional Expenses 526,344 17.86%
Total $2,946,391  100.00%

Several new initiatives as pilot projects are being funded from “non-recurring” funds, with the notion that these programs, if proven viable, will be sustained by permanent institutional funding in the 2007-08 budget cycle.  They include:

  • Academic Equipment
  • UTC Women’s Center Project
  • Student Center Campus Animation
  • One-half Year Cost of UTC Campus-based Attorney  
  • UTC Marketing
  • Graduate Assistants and International Students

Finally, a comprehensive strategic planning process that will involve each of you will begin this fall. Through this collaborative process, we will set our fiscal priorities to support the strategic focus that emerges from our discussions.

For now, I hope everyone has a good start to the new academic year.  Thank you for everything you do to make our campus successful, and I look forward to another great year.

August 21, 2006

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