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Washington DC internship beneficial to communication major

By Adrienne Teague, University Relations Student Writer

American Forum photo

Katie Broderick, of Mobile, Alabama found the perfect internship to not only fulfill her communication major’s graduation requirements, but also her own standards.  Broderick spent the summer in the nation’s capitol, at The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars.

Broderick, a University Honors student, is set to graduate in May 2007.

Broderick is not new to the internships available through the UTC Office of Cooperative Education, National and International Student Exchanges, having completed a successful internship in her junior year.  The office offers opportunities to students who wish to intern or study locally, nationally, and internationally by working through other universities, colleges, and exchange programs. 

After sending off her application, resume, and portfolio to The Washington Center, Broderick eagerly awaited a response from her internship advisor.  When she heard from the American Forum, a nonprofit media organization that works within over 20 states to encourage citizen debate on progressive issues, Broderick began to pack her bags for her internship in D.C.

An internship is important, according to Broderick, because it helps eliminate the risk of graduating with a degree in a field that holds no interest for a student.

Broderick is managing editor of the student newspaper, the UTC University Echo, and has been very active as a reporter and editor in her college career.  She was able to use her writing skills during her internship as she edited opinion pieces and created media packets for articles by writing press releases and public service announcements.

“I think this experience has been very beneficial because I've become a lot more politically aware, through working to get progressive issues in the media during my internship, as well as, being immersed in the atmosphere of DC,” Broderick said.  “Professionally, my experience has allowed me to sharpen my writing skills, and being able to say that I worked in the nation’s capitol will make me more competitive when I look for a job after graduation.”

She went on to say that interning in another city helped remove her from her “comfort zone,” allowing her to open up to many opportunities in a new place.

“Washington is a great place to do an internship, because there are literally thousands of students interning throughout the city.  You don’t feel like you are the only one just starting out,” she commented.

The experience provided Broderick with a host of opportunities. 

“Through the Washington Center, I got the chance to visit embassies, attend tapings of national news shows, and hear prominent Congressmen speak.  I visited many of the museums, monuments, and attractions in the city, which are free and open to the public,” Broderick said.  “Washington, D.C. is practically the center of communication for the entire world, and it was really exciting to be where laws are made and where the news happens right before your eyes.”

November 3, 2006

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