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WUTC-FM 88.1 meets goal in nine days

Spring has been a time of renewal not just for the listeners of WUTC-FM 88.1, a National Public Radio Station licensed to The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, but also for the station itself. For the first time, WUTC-FM 88.1 concluded its campaign in nine days instead of the usual 14. Next week, the station will begin a new era of digital broadcasting.

Dr. John McCormack, Station Manager, said listeners were challenged to become part of a 500-person renewal campaign to raise $130,000, the amount required for programming costs. In just nine days, the on-air drive was completed, and the money was raised with hours to spare.

“Our generous listeners have once again come forward to assure there will be quality radio programming in Chattanooga,” McCormack said.

WUTC, FM 88.1, is the area’s home for NPR and a variety of musical and entertainment programs. Beginning at 12 noon, Monday, May 8, programming at the station can be heard in greater clarity, wider frequency response and in greater dynamic range for those with a digital radio receiver.

After the inauguration of digital broadcasting, WUTC listeners can choose from their current analog broadcasts, web casting at, or the new digital broadcasts.

“WUTC is proud to be the first radio station in this market to embrace what many are calling the standard for the future of broadcasting,” said McCormack. “The radio station will still be heard at 88.1 FM, but for those who want to hear the new digital sound, a digital radio receiver is required.”

Contact us at the WUTC-FM 88.1 website for more information.

May 8, 2006

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