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wirelessWireless connections: Campus hot spots list expands

UTC now provides secure wireless networks, expanding options for the campus community toaccess the Internet and campus electronic information from multiple locations.

“The installation of the wireless hot spot service to the campus came in response to student requests and funding by the Student Technology Fee,” said Monty Wilson, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Information Technology. “ Without the student requirements and funding from the Student Technology Fee, this service could not be provided.

Wireless access allows students to better multitask, blending their academic, work and social life.

“If a student is using a hot spot in the University Center, she can access online information for a 1 p.m. class using Blackboard, search for information on the internet for travel arrangements, and check a reference source in the library while having lunch in the Food Count,” Wilson said. “Increasing access points to provide total wireless coverage to the entire campus is a long term goal. We will continue to pursue that goal as student demand grows and as funds are provided from the student technology fee.”

Current wireless hot spots include:

  • University Center
    Dining area
    Computer Lab and Commons Area
    Third floor near student work area
    Areas of coverage in between the above mentioned
  • EMCS
    Second, third and fourth floors. AP located in wiring
    closets for now, scheduled to be moved to central commons areas
  • Holt Hall
    Ground floor commons area
  • Fletcher Hall
    Second floor commons area
  • Hunter Hall
    Second floor commons area
    Fourth floor, on the McCallie Avenue side
  • Guerry Center
    Near wiring closet in main building on main floor
  • Metro Building
    Near Annex on ground floor
  • Administration Building
    Lobby closer to Erlanger on ground floor
  • Fine Arts Building
    Top Floor on Fortwood side
  • Founders Hall
    Near Chancellor's Office
  • Grote Hall
    Ground floor near 124

Future hot spots include:

  • Arena (4 locations)
  • Founders (2 additional locations)
  • EMCS (2 additional in the auditorium)
  • Brock
  • Library AP's will be replaced with the new equipment

To use these networks, you will need to follow the directions in the links below. These links cover Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Mac OSX.

You will need to know your UTCID (3 letters | 3 numbers) and your password to get onto the network. There is a complete list of available and future wireless areas for UTC campus toward the end of the email.

Employees will connect to UTCEmployee.
Students, Members, and Affiliates will connect to UTCStudent.

Linux users may use Xsupplicant.

For further help, please contact Chris Welch at 425-2261.

November 22, 2005

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