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Students tear down The Writing on the Wall

The Student Government Association (SGA) sponsored The Writing on the Wall Project, a physical representation of the oppression of others throughout history. It symbolized the barrier that prevents individuals, races, genders and cultures from connecting in our shared humanity.

Students painted the cinderblock structure outside the UC with words that discriminate and outrage us as individuals. Then, with ropes in hands, students, faculty, and administrators pulled down the wall, and symbolically broke down the barriers.

“UT Martin was the first school to participate in The Writing on the Wall Project” below the Mason-Dixon Line,” said James Armour, outgoing SGA President. “We researched the idea for an entire semester. We decided these hurtful words and feelings are still present in our society, and they need to be confronted and addressed so that we can move beyond the barriers.”

UTC was one of 48 schools nationwide to present The Writing on the Wall Project to their student bodies.

UTC student contributing her word to be destroyed.

Students stop by to observe the wall.

UTC student shares his idea of an offensive word.

Ginny Thomas, 2004-2205 SGA Secretary;
Amy Prevost, 2005-2006 SGA President Elect;
James Armour, 2004-2005 SGA President;
Tiffany Campbell, 2004-2005 SGA Treasurer.

April 22, 2005

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