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Campus contributions continue toward tsunami relief

Over $ 1,100 has been collected, and The Blue String Campaign continues. The University Honors Program, UTC Women’s Action Council, and the UTC Housing staff have supported The Blue String Campaign, assisting the effort in the greater Chattanooga community in raising funds for the Sri Lanken organization Sarvodaya. Sarvodaya supports the physical, emotional, and psychological health of tsunami orphans. Senator Bill Frist calls Sarvodaya “one of the most highly regarded indigenous nongovernmental organizations in Sri Lanka.”

Allison Williams, right,
takes a contribution to the
The Blue String Campaign
from Michelle Faust

Allison Williams, the sophomore who is the campus Blue Ribbon Campaign coordinator, says campus collection of funds will continue.

“We got inspired by the turnout and the idea is catching on, just like we had hoped. We are asking for everyone on campus to contribute one dollar. One dollar buys so much more in Sri Lanka than it does here,” Williams said.

Look for opportunities to donate at various locations on campus. Campus donors to The Blue String Campaign received a blue string to wear around their wrists, a gesture loosely based on a Sri Lanken custom. Donors wear the strings to acknowledge that they will not forget the victims of the disaster.

Contributions can also be made for tsunami relief by sending a check to the Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga, Blue String Fund, at 1270 Market Street, Chattanooga, TN 37402, (423)265-0586.

“The benefit of supporting Sarvodaya, a local organization, is that it has roots firmly in that country that employs people in that country, and has a long-term stake in the future and well-being of their citizens,” said Ajit Chittambalam, a UTC senior from Sri Lanka and head of the UTC Committee for Tsunami Relief.

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February 4, 2005

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