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Adjunct professor named Tennessee Psychologist of the Year

Dr. George Nagle, who has taught in the UTC Psychology Department for many years, was recently honored by the Tennessee Psychological Association (TPA) as the Tennessee Psychologist of the Year for 2004.

Speaking for the TPA Board of Directors, Dr. C. Kieth Hulse announced Nagle as the recipient of the award, calling him “the consummate professional” at the annual convention of the organization held recently in Nashville.

A graduate of the University of Missouri at Columbia, Nagle is an authority on the treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and depression, particularly in those who have experienced life-changing trauma while serving in the military, according to Hulse.

“Having received his ABPP in Counseling Psychology, he is a leader in a medical psychology practice at the Veterans’ Administration in Chattanooga. He has mentored many young psychologists in the Chattanooga area, providing an invaluable resource for information, guidance, integrity, and emotional support as they developed their professional expertise,” Hulse said.

Nagle has served as Adjunct Professor of Psychology at UTC.  He is the former chair of the Tennessee Psychological Association’s Ethics Committee and presently serves on the Standing Hearing Panel for Ethics Appeals of the American Psychological Association.

“He has continued to serve his professional community, the veterans he treats, his students, and his family, in times of extreme personal hardship,” Hulse said.

January 7, 2005