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Student leaders honored

Outstanding student representatives from all campus organizations were honored recently at the 17th Leadership Awards Banquet, held at the University Center. Former Vice Chancellor of Student Development Richard MacDougall addressed the group.

James Armour of Humboldt, Tennessee, won the Alumni Achievement Award and a Leadership Merit Award; he was also recognized for his service as 2004-2005 Student Government Association (SGA) President.

Virginia (Ginny) Thomas of Humboldt, Tennessee, won the Chancellor's Award. This prestigious award is presented to individual students who have displayed outstanding commitment to the Chattanooga community. Nominees must submit two letters of recommendation from people familiar with the nominee's service, a short paragraph describing the importance of community service, and documentation of committee service to include log of hours volunteered during 2004-2005 fall and spring terms.

Amy Prevost, 2005-2006 President of SGA, won the Dorothy Woodworth Award for an Outstanding Junior Woman.

Leticia Skae of Nashville, president of Association for Campus Entertainment (ACE), won a Leadership Merit award. These awards are presented to individual students who have displayed outstanding commitment and leadership abilities through their elected or appointed positions in their respective student organizations.

2005 Association for Campus Entertainment (ACE) won the 2005 Outstanding Contribution to Campus Life Award, given to a student organization that has initiated or sponsored a social or cultural program(s) leading to an enhanced quality of student life at UTC.

Vice President of ACE Ashonda Brazzel of Atlanta won the ACE Member of the Year award.


(ACE) Executive Officers, L-R: Secretary Alftan Dyson, Vice President Ashonda Brazzel, President Leticia Skae, and Treasurer DeMarcus Butts

James Armour, Tiffany Campbell--2004-2005 SGA Treasurer, Ginny Thomas, and Dr. Mary Lynn Williamson

Dr. Mary Lynn Williamson and Amy Prevost

Leticia Skae

May 12, 2005

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