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Trip abroad enhances University Honors experience

Rome, the Colluseum

University Honors
(UHON) students understand the excitement of learning in the classroom, and learning in the greater community. This summer, 24 UHON students flexed their academic muscles in the art-rich country of Italy.

“I was very humbled to see world-renowned pieces by artists such as Michelangelo, Donatello, Raphael, and so many others,” said UHON student Darris Saylors, whose major is religion. “During the brief two weeks that I toured Italy, I saw more art, especially high Christian art, than I have seen in my life. That exposure and visual experience was simply amazing. The statuary especially became alive and gained a dimension one can only realize in person. In short, the trip was awesome!”
Florence, Palazzo Vecchio.
L to R: Darris Saylors, Melanie Griffin,
Elizabeth Wheeler, Sarah Price.

UHON student Elizabeth Wheeler said the highlights of the trip included touring the Uffizi Museum and the Duomo Cathedral in Florence; a day trip to Pompeii; and visiting the Vatican and Coliseum in Rome.

“I feel that academic trips are vital to my education, because seeing is believing. It is amazingly rewarding to witness first-hand places we have heard our professors rave about. Not only does our own knowledge increase with a trip abroad,but when we share our pictures, friends are exposed to the new knowledge as well,” said Wheeler.

Costs for students were partially subsidized by UHON's travel fund. The fund provides an enticing educational recruitment tool for the program.

The UHON Program is a four-year interdisciplinary program for academically gifted and motivated students. Together, these students enjoy the best of both worlds: the intimacy of a small collegial group and the diversity of a larger university community. Visit the UHON Program online.

Florence, Uffizi Museum. l-r: Jason Camp, Tangee Davis, Autumn Dolan, Zsa Zsa Perryman, Jessica Dillard, Paul Trachian.

Rome, in front of Vatican Museum. L to R: Andy Basler, Lori Ann Clark, Sheena Kelly, Katie Ziegler, Darris Saylors

July 26, 2005

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