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UTC students are retaining Hope Scholarships

After their first year of eligibility, more than half of the freshmen and sophomores at UTC who received the Tennessee Lottery Scholarship last year earned a grade point average high enought to remain eligible to renew their scholarship for another year.

The Tennessee Lottery Scholarship, known more commonly as the HOPE Scholarship, was established last year to reward high academic achievement. College freshmen and sophomores in fall 2004 were eligible.

At UTC, the total number of scholarship recipients, both freshmen and sophomores, was 1649 for the 2004-2005 academic year. Sixty-three percent of the total recipients have retained their scholarships for the coming fall semester.

Freshmen who wished to retain their eligibility for fall 2005 had to maintain a minimum GPA of 2.75 during the spring 2005 semester. Six hundred fifty-two freshmen were able to match and even beat the GPA requirement, totaling 56 percent retention of eligibility for the fall 2005. The Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarship (TELS) GPA requirement for sophomores is a minimum of 3.0. Out of 484 sophomore recipients for the 2004-2005 academic year, 382 recipients will be eligible to receive the scholarship in the fall 2005.

With approval from the Tennessee State Legislature, requirements for keeping the HOPE Scholarship have become more flexible. Newly passed legislation allows students who lose their HOPE Scholarships to win them back if they boost their GPA to a 3.0 by the end of the following school year.

“This change will benefit students who have a rough start in freshman year,” said Provost John Friedl. “The new legislation provides an incentive for students to improve their grades, qualify again for the HOPE Scholarship, and stay in school.”

June 10, 2005

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