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Alumni Board celebrates a year of accomplishments

A year-end celebration of the Alumni Board allowed Interim Chancellor Fred Obear to recognize board members Milly Farriss, David Noblit, Sharmelle Thomas, and Less Lee, who are ending their term with the board.

“Their dedication and commitment have been crucial to the University’s planning and implementation of effective programs to communicate with and benefit our alumni,” Obear said.

Obear also recognized outgoing Alumni Board President Ward Petty, whom he called “a role model for other alumni.”

“During his tenure, Ward has made great strides in increasing the board’s visibility and influence in three key areas: public awareness and alumni ownership; identity and branding; and alumni connection,” Obear said.

For the first time, the Alumni Board participated in Freshman Convocation, where Jason Thomas spoke to all incoming freshmen and UTNAA President Spruell Driver spoke to parents of incoming freshmen. Board members also invited community leaders and alumni to the Chancellor’s box at Finley Stadium during two games last season; moved forward a new design for the UTC license plate, which will be available in January 2006; and contributed to the Birdfeeder Campaign for alumni.

For more events and information about alumni programs, visit the Alumni Affairs website.

Debbie Cantrell, Lorraine and Richard Brown

Carol Petersen and Dr. Roger Brown

Mike and Brenda Purcell, Spruell Driver

Ward Petty, Kylie Neal, Shane Neal,
and Kayvon Sadrabadi

Chuck and Debbie Cantrell

Charlie Pierce and Dr. Roger Brown

Sharmelle Thomas

July 15, 2005

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