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Education About Asia Journal celebrates 10th anniversary

By Adrienne Teague, University Relations Intern

With the ever-growing influence of Asian culture in the United States, Americans are suffering from a “deficit of knowledge about Asia,” according to Dr. Lucien Ellington, Professor and Co-director of the Asia Program at UTC, as well as editor of Education About Asia Journal, a teaching journal published by the Association for Asian studies and cosponsored by UTC.

Over the past ten years, Ellington has helped fill in the gap with much needed educational literature for over 3,000 paid subscribers.

In addition to serving as editor-in-chief for the journal, Ellington has used his knowledge and research of Asia to lead several educational tours. He has been securing grants for several years, to take middle and high school teachers to Asia. In May 2006, he will be taking four of UTC’s own faculty members to Japan.

The group will meet each month until May to further their personal education of Japan and East Asia, including its history, geography, economics and society. Steve Lewinter, professor of art, will be among the four UTC professors who will take a 10-day tour of schools, historical sites, home stays and business/government operations.

“I will use this experience to collaborate with print makers and artists in Japan. I will have the opportunity to open a door for exchange of art and teaching. I will be able to introduce the issue of identity in my classroom. And my students will see how certain artists, especially Japanese artists, deal with that issue,” said Lewinter.

Joining Lewinter will be faculty colleagues Alice Tym, Geography; Craig Lang, Geography; and Sandy Watson, Education.

“The primary purpose of the UTC faculty program is to assist professors who work with future teachers to integrate East Asian studies content into required courses for education majors,” Ellington said.

While on his most recent trip to Japan, Ellington was able to plan for the May 2006 tour and continue his research in comparative education. Education About Asia is one of the most unique journals published today, and it contains material that is accessible to university, high school, and a few middle school teachers. Sixty percent of the journal’s readers are high school teachers and nearly forty percent are university instructors.

“I am proud that Education About Asia has achieved the status of a bridge builder across educational levels. The most difficult part is to publish a journal three times a year, with 72 pages of content, and make it useful for three levels of educators,” Ellington said.

However, no journal goes to publication without a team of professionals to push it along. Ellington has had over 50 members on his editorial board, who have helped him with interviews with two Pulitzer-prize winners, a former Governor of North Carolina, and a former Senior Economic Advisor to the White House.

Ellington also extends his personal gratitude to the UTC administration, “Both UTC and, in particular, its administration have been very supportive of the journal. My Dean, Dr. Mary Tanner, and both the provost and chancellors under whom I have worked have been very supportive of having an Asian education journal housed here at UTC.”

Ellington will continue to be supported in the future for his hard work and effort in educating the world about its fastest growing continent.

July 26, 2005

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