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Asian series brings professor from China to discusses improved PE course

In a recent visit to campus, Professor Hongcheng Zhang of Suzhou University in China said he has observed a trend toward rising adolescent obesity in China. "The problem is not as severe in China as it is in the United States," he added. The lecture was one in a series of Asian-related topics. The series is supported by a UC Foundation Faculty Development Grant, and the first lecture was also co-sponsored by the UTC Asia Committee and the Department of Exercise Science, Health, and Leisure Studies.

In his address to an audience of students, faculty, and friends of the University, Hongcheng Zhang said the Chinese require nine years of compulsory physical education classes. When students pursue higher education in China, they are required to participate in physical education classes through the second year of college.

In a newly developed mandated public standard for the physical education course taught in Chinese higher education, improvements have been made for better integration and selectivity, with more emphasis on self-choice. "We now have the goal of improving the skill of exercise, and the goal of enhancing psychological health," Hongcheng Zhang said.

Additional new goals include forming a habit of exercise over a lifetime; mastering certain methods of exercise; and cultivating good awareness of teamwork.

"The United States has no mandated public standard," said Dr. Leroy Fanning of the Exercise, Health and Leisure Studies Department. "The standards as listed by the National Association for Physical Education (NASPE) and the President’s Council on Physical Activity and Sport are similar [to the Chinese public standard.]"

Please plan to attend upcoming lectures as the series on Asian topics continues:

Drs. Zibin Guo and David Cundiff
Chinese Medicine
Tuesday, March 29, 12:15-1:30
University Center 206 Auditorium

Drs. Zibin Guo, UC Foundation Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Geography Departmentand David Cundiff, Professor and Head of the Department of Exercise Science, Health, and Leisure Studies will speak Tuesday, March 29, 12:15-1:30, University Center 206 Auditorium

Guo will present The Type of Knowledge and the Way of Knowing in Chinese Medicine - An Epitomized Chinese Way of Thinking. This presentation describes the commonly shared ideas and practices regarding the structure of knowledge and the way of knowing in Chinese medicine. The talk emphasizes the idea that empirically defined knowledge and the way of knowing are both culturally and intellectually coherent.

Cundiff will address China Diet Study, the largest and most comprehensive study undertaken examining diet and disease relationships. Professors from Cornell and Oxford Universities, and the Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine & Medical Services collaborated on the research. Chinese and American dietary and disease patterns are compared.

Dr. Richard Rice, Professor of History and Co-Director of Asia Program
China and India Outsourcing
Tuesday, April 5, 7:00-8:30 pm
University Center 206 Auditorium

For decades industrial jobs have been outsourced to Asia, raising fears of lost jobs and security issues. The most recent case is the pending sale of IBM's PC business to a Chinese firm, Lenovo. India has taken a lead in Information Technology (IT) outsourcing, from airline reservation and credit card processing to back office processing and even design. A boom in English language instruction in China will allow the Chinese to compete in an increasingly global market for IT jobs. Will highly skilled and compensated IT jobs follow industrial production to Asia? Or is IT different? Is the outsourcing trend reaching its practical limits, or will it continue?
This visual presentation will show the history and present state of global IT in India and China, offering a context for the audience to discuss and debate these important economic questions.

K. Ramakrishna Rao (Visiting Professor: Psychology Department)
States of Consciousness
Date, time, and location to be determined.

April 4, 2005

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