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College students from around the country have an unprecedented opportunity to come together and help those who have given so much to our country in this time of tragedy.

Through the Collegiate Relief Fund, our common goal is to unite students in public and private, large and small universities, colleges and community colleges in a collective effort to support New York City, Washington, D.C.
and Pittsburgh fire, police and emergency management personnel and their families through the American Red Cross.

The idea is simple, yet very effective. If each student contributes one dollar, consider the possibilities:

What you can do
Each campus can be creative about how the money is collected. Then by December 1, 2001, deposit your collection to The Collegiate Relief Fund. Together, we can make a greater difference than we can individually.

More information will be coming soon to this site, but start your collections today.

E-mail us at and let us know if your campus wants to participate.

15 million U.S. college students + $1=$15 million for Collegiate Relief Change your world by collecting change.

Here are some ideas:
Have a glass of water instead of a soft drink, and you could donate a dollar.
Give up your afternoon candy bar for two days, and you could donate a dollar.
Put off buying a pack of cigarettes, and you could donate a dollar.
Skip a topping on your pizza, and you could donate a dollar.
Stay in and hit the books instead of going to the movies, and you could donate a dollar.

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For more details, call us at (423) 425-5220 or email us at

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