UTC Student Memorialized Through Posthumous Degree

Vicki Blair, a friend and fellow student of the late Brad Huskey, wanted to be sure Brad's efforts toward getting an accounting degree at UTC did not go unrecognized. She has been the driving force behind a petition signed by fifty students, which requests that Brad be conferred a degree posthumously. Her request has been granted. On Saturday, December 16 at UTC Winter Commencement, Brad's sister accepted his diploma.

Brad had accumulated 113 hours toward his degree, and needed only twenty hours to complete it. "Brad was a very good student, and well thought of by his fellow students," Dr. John Fulmer, department head of UTC Accounting and Finance.

Longtime friend and past UTC Student Government Association President Skip Pond was also instrumental in the planning for Brad's posthumous degree. "My mom and Brad's mom graduated from East Ridge High School together, and Brad and I went to East Ridge High School together," Pond said. "The conferring of his degree posthumously needed to be done. His degree was another step in Brad's going somewhere big, because everyone knew Brad was going places."

Brad was working last summer as a relief driver for UPS when a botched hijacking attempt left the 23-year old UTC student dead.

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