Radio Documentary Features Professor's Primate Research

Dr. Lyn Miles, UC Foundation Professor of Sociology, Anthropology and Geology, and Chantek were recently interviewed by Canadian radio (CBC) by Seth Feldman. Chantek, an orangutan, was under Miles care for many years on the UTC campus. Miles taught Chantek to use sign language when he was a baby. The adult orangutan now lives at Zoo Atlanta.

When Feldman came to interview Miles, Chantek was unhappy, according to Miles.

"A lot of interesting things happened. Chantek got really jealous, and one of the things he did was spit in Seth's face!" Miles said.

To hear the interview, go to http://www.radio.cbc.ca/programs/ideas/ideas.hgml on December 7 and 8 at 9:05 EST on Real Audio.

In case you missed it the first time, Miles and Chantek can be seen in re-runs on television. Look for the A & E program narrated by Joan Lunden "When Animals Talk" and the Discovery Channel continues to air "They Call Him Chantek."

An exciting project with Sir David Attenborough is evolving, according to Miles. Attenborough is planning his biggest series ever involving the evolution of mammals leading up to humans, and Chantek and Miles may have a starring role.

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