UTC Chancellor's Team Wins Volleyball Game

The weekend win for the Lady Mocs Volleyball team was followed by a win for Chancellor Bill Stacy's team in the Faculty Appreciation Day Volleyball Game. It was a close one against Richard Brown's team.

Laura Mincy, athletics, says she was a fill-in for a last minute cancellation.

"I want everyone to know that I played poorly so everyone else would look good. It worked because Chancellor Stacy, Richard Brown, Tom Smyth, Vance Lesseig, Alice Tym, Tom Losh, Bruce Hutchinson, Danny Tolbert, and Neil Magnussen all played exceptionally well," Mincy says.

Mincy is taking bids on a video of the game, showcasing Dr. Stacy's dive for a ball and sliding under the net.

"That just goes to show why he is in charge; he goes all out no matter the event," Mincy says.

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