Light and Life Course Being Offered at UTC

If you can't imagine how solar energy is supplied to the space stations, or how UV light affects some cancers or how light is used in laser surgery, a UTC course titled "Light and Life" will help answer your questions.

The new course, listed under both biology and chemistry, will be offered in the spring and it is designed for non-majors, according to UTC Chemistry Department head Dr. Doug Kutz.

"It starts with some simple physics and moves into chemistry. The class will end with some biochemistry, " Kutz said.

Light will be studied as it applies to daily and seasonal rhythms, for instance in the color change of leaves. Wave optics will be covered through supplemental demonstrations of optics in industry, like CD ROM, price scanners and camcorders.

A demonstration of laser surgery, a lab of color film development, and a field trip to the UTC Clarence Jones Observatory are planned.

No college-level prerequisites are necessary to take the course, and Kutz says dual-enrollment students would greatly benefit from the course.

The development of this course is being funded by an National Science Foundation and CCLI Grant with committee members Robert Keller (Biology and Environmental Sciences), John Lynch (Chemistry), Lin-Jun Wang (Physics),and Jerry Dauer

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