UTC Professor Sites Voter Turnout as Major Issue

The main issue in presidential election 2000 is voter turnout, according to a member of the UTC Department of Political Science.

"It's a very close race, so turnout will determine where this election will go," Chadha said.

Dr. Anita Chadha was one of several professors and students involved in a campus political forum. She explained that the likelihood of voting goes up along with a person's age. One of the reasons, Chadha said, is that an older person has more of a commitment to the community.

Dr. Bob Swansbrough looked at foreign policy in America following the cold war, and pondered America's role as a world leader. From terrorist bombings and unrest in the Middle East to Bosnia, Swansbrough questioned the next president's direction in these situations.

"Are we going to lead or be pushed and become irrelevant?" Swansbrough asked.

Dr. David Brodsky said a major issue in this election is the state of federalism; is it better for the power to stay in Washington or be shifted to the states? Department head David Carrithers called attention to the glaring need for additional reform of soft money campaign contributions.

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