UTC Nursing Symposium to be Held This Week

The Fourth Annual School of Nursing Symposium will be held on Thursday, October 19 from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at the United Church of Christ, 8645 East Brainerd Road. The theme is: "Aesthetic ways of Knowing: Nurturing the Creative Spirit Within."

Keynote speaker for the event is Dr. Leslie Nicholl from the University of Southern Maine. Nicholl is the author of two books used in the UTC graduate program and a distinguished speaker from Sigma Theta Tau, the international honor society associated with the UTC School of Nursing. She will make a morning presentation.

In the afternoon, Dr. June Hanks will share her experiences from her trip to Haiti. Nursing faculty. community colleagues, and alumni will share their creativity through "wander and learn" exhibits.

For more information, contact Virginia Keatley, 425-4576.

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