Unit Logos

University departmental units are allowed a unit version of the university logos. The example below illustrates what is included in the package. This package includes eight different logo designs for this unit. These are the official unit logos and should be used whenever creating marketing or promotional materials. Each logo is designed to provide options based on space and application. Whenever possible, please use the primary logo, but don’t hesitate to use the other logos if more appropriate.

unit logo examples

What's in the package?

When unit logo packages are created, eps, png, pdf and jpg files will be provided in the following color combinations for each of the eight designs:

  1. Full Color: blue, gold and white
  2. 1 color: blue
  3. 1 color: gold
  4. 1 color: grey
  5. 1 color: white
  6. 1 color: black

File Formats

Here are basic descriptions of each file format. If you need more description in order to understand the format better, there is a wealth of information online.

EPS: This is a vector file format. Vector files are mostly known for crisp, clean edges and a transparent background. EPS files are ideal for many instances, but the most wide-spread use is on promotional items. This is the most scalable format without quality loss.

JPG: This is a compressed file format that is flat on a white background. A JPG is essentially an image file and is commonly used in print and online against white backgrounds. There is some quality loss in a jpg, so please use caution when scaling the image up.

PNG: This file format is a variation on an EPS and JPG. It is a compressed file format, but is lossless and has a transparent background. These two features make it ideal for the web. If using logos on the UTC website, this file format is preferred.

PDF: This file format is often used because most operating systems can open the file. Please be aware that a pdf is designed to mostly be viewed only. An exception is some promotional item vendors will request a pdf. Keep in mind that unless certain software is available, art as a pdf is on a white background.