Unit Identifier Implementation

The official University logo is currently available upon request by completing the Logo Request Form. If your needs are unique, please contact April Cox with details about your needs.

In addition to the official logo, college, department, program, center and office identifiers are being created to coordinate with the University brand. Phased-in implementation of these identifiers will officially begin June 1, 2015.

The process of rolling this out across campus will take time. The Office of Communications and Marketing will facilitate the process, but in order to be successful, every unit needs to be an active participant.

To manage the development and distribution of the various assets, all campus units have been assigned to one of three implementation blocks. Each block will roll out the new logo, according to the schedule below.

Please do not create a unit identifier on your own. If you find that you have an urgent need to get your unit’s identifier earlier than your scheduled block, please have your unit liaison contact Stephen Rumbaugh with details about your needs.


Find Your Block

Block assignments are below. Every unit needs to identify one liaison* to facilitate its individual rollout.

  • If your unit isn’t on the list, let us know.
  • If a liaison has not yet been identified for your unit, please tell us who we need to work with. 
  • If the liaison listed is not the right person, please tell us who we should work with instead.

Throughout each scheduled planning period, staff from the Office of Communications and Marketing will work with liaisons to provide the files and information needed to be successful.

* Please note that your logo package could be delayed if we do not know a liaison.

** Rows highlighted in green have been completed and files have been made available to the liaison.

BLOCK 1: Academic colleges and schools, timely undergraduate recruitment efforts, and vice chancellor offices. Implemented by June 1.

Unit Liaison
Academic Affairs, Division of Jennifer Faires
Arts and Sciences, College of Terry Sanford (temporary)
Business, College of Katrina Craven
Chancellor, Office of the Laura Cagle
Dean of Students, Office of the Madison Ralston
Development and Alumni Affairs, Office of Emily Forrest
Education, School of Vicki Bernotski
Engineering and Computer Science, College of Pam Lewallen
Enrollment Services, Office of Diane Reed
Finance, Operations and Information Technology, Division of Mary Scott
Financial Aid, Office of Jennifer Buckles
Graduate School Amy Campbell
Health, Education and Professional Studies, College of Beth Crawford
Honors College, The Linda Frost
Library Tell us who
New Student and Family Programs, Office of Carrie Sherbesman
Nursing, School of Sarah Blackburn
Records, Office of Erin Brown
Student Affairs, Division of Madison Ralston
Undergraduate Admissions, Office of Lee Pierce
Communications and Marketing, Office of Stephen Rumbaugh

BLOCK 2: Many administrative units and units already utilizing identifiers. Implemented by July 1.

Advisement and Student Success, Center for Stacie Grisham
Auxiliary Services, Office of Cindee Pulliam
Biology, Geology and Environmental Sciences, Department of Marketa Shutters
Bursar, Office of the Nancy Neal
Budget and Finance, Office of Vanasia Parks
Communication, Department of Betsy Alderman
Center for Professional Education, Department of Julie Russ
Disability Resource Center Bryon Kluesner
Disbursements, Office of Sheila Cagle
Educational Opportunity Center Cynthia Wallace
Elders Scholars Diane Reed
Equity and Diversity, Office of Bryan Samuel
Facilities Planning and Management, Office of Kelli Flood
Fine Arts Center Bob Boyer
Health and Human Performance, Department of Amanda Atkins
Human Resources, Office of Melanie Sadler
International Programs, Office of Takeo Suzuki
Jones Observatory Jack Pitkin
Library Special Collections Steve Cox
Mocs Card Office Cindee Pulliam
Multicultural Affairs, Office of Rosite George
Music, Department of Lee Harris
Occupational Therapy, Department of Susan McDonald
Partnerships and Sponsored Programs, Office of Baley Whary
Physical Therapy, Department of Debbie Giles
Planning, Evaluation and Institutional Research, Office of Karen Adsit
Safety and Risk Management, Office of Tell us who
University Center Shannon Smith
University Housing and Residence Life Valara Sample
Veteran and Military Student Services, Office of Squoia Holmes

BLOCK 3: Remaining academic units, administrative units and centers. Implemented by August 1.

Unit Liaison
Academic and Innovative Technologies, Center for Tell us who
Accounting, Department of Katrina Craven
Applied Social Research, Center for Tell us who
Art, Department of Ron Buffington
Career and Student Employment Center Janice Michaels
Chemistry, Department of Nancy Tolar
Children's Center Tell us who
Community Career Education, Center for Sandy Cole
Computational Engineering, Department of Holley Beeland
Computer Science and Engineering, Department of Pam Lewallen
Counseling Center Tricia Henderson
Criminal Justice and Legal Assistant Studies, Department of Tell us who
Economics, Department of Katrina Craven
Engineering and Technology Management, Department of Pam Lewallen
Engineering, Department of Pam Lewallen
English, Department of Tell us who
Finance, Department of Katrina Craven
History, Department of Tell us who
Information Technology Division Susan Lazenby
Integrated Studies, Department of Madison Dell
Interdisciplinary Studies, Department of Tell us who
Interior Design, Department of Dana Moody
Management, Department of Katrina Craven
Marketing and Entrepreneurship, Department of Katrina Craven
Mathematics, Department of Matt Matthews
Military Science, Department of Kay Hobgood
Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures, Department of Tell us who
Philosophy and Religion, Department of Tell us who
Physics and Astronomy, Department of Tell us who
Political Science, Public Administration and Nonprofit Management, Department of Tell us who
Pre-Business, Department of Katrina Craven
Psychology, Department of Angelique Cook
Scott L. Probasco, Jr. Chair of Free Enterprise, The Cari O'Neal
Social Work, Department of Michael Sherr
Sociology, Anthropology and Geography, Department of  Tell us who
STEM Education, Department of  Tell us who
Sustainability, Office of Lisa Darger
Theatre, Department of  Steve Ray
Walker Center for Teaching and Learning Dawn Ford
Center for Women and Gender Equity Sara Peters