Publication Numbering System

How do I get a number?

When considering a publication, get in touch as early as possible with the graphics manager in the Office of Communications and Marketing. We are available to help with writing and can offer suggestions on design and printing. We are also here to design your publications for you.

The Office of Communications and Marketing is located in 203 Founders Hall, phone 4363.

The following steps will walk you through how to get a publication number:

  1. Send the following information* to Stephen Rumbaugh or Dept 5655.
    1. A pdf of the publication
    2. Account Name
    3. Account Number
    4. Contact information if there are questions regarding the publication
    5. Approximate completion date of the publication
    6. Number of pieces to be printed
    7. * Additional information may be required, but Stephen will notify you if this is necessary.
  2. A number will be assigned and returned via email (or other means if necessary).
  3. At the end of the fiscal year, you will be asked to report the costs of printing and postage to Megan Shadrick in Communications and Marketing.

And how long does it take?

When planning a publication, include sufficient time for the review and printing processes. While all efforts are made to review your publication in a timely fashion, more time may be needed during busier seasons.

If you have a problem or an emergency, Communications and Marketing will work with you, but please don't wait until the last minute if you have a choice.

Who assigns the numbers?

The duty of implementing and maintaining the publication numbering system lies with the publication coordinator in the Office of Communications and Marketing. Currently, Stephen Rumbaugh holds that position.

Why do we number publications?

The Tennessee Senate Bill No. 1920 requires the implementation of a system for assigning publication numbers, for reviewing and approving publications, for maintaining publication records, and for containing publication costs.

Does this need a number?

In general, if the publication is designed for an external audience, it most likely needs a publication number. What does external mean? Are you marketing an event, promoting your program, or recruiting participants? If so, you probably need a publication number. A simple rule of thumb is "Call Stephen," he will be glad to discuss any publication with you, and she can make the decision to waive use of a publication number.

What do you mean I can't say that?

A part of the numbering system process includes a review to make sure the written copy conforms to University style. The graphics manager will review your publication and mark any needed changes prior to assigning of the publication number.

What about design?

No matter how well written, a bad design will make a bad publication. Therefore, a proposed layout is requested with the review for the numbering process.

What if it's the same thing I did last year?

Reprints of publications that are exact reprints, meaning absolutely no changes are made, can be printed without getting a new number if it's being reprinted within the same fiscal year. In certain unique circumstances a publication number can represent a series of publications that are similar such as a newsletter. When publishing newsletters, the newsletter editor is required to provide a rough design with the written copy for the first issue of the newsletter at the time of applying for the number.