Graphic Guidelines


In an effort to communicate our message in a consistent and powerful manner, graphic guidelines have been established for the UT System. The goal is to build a clear and compelling brand identity for the University of Tennessee to create a greater understanding of the role UT plays in helping the state and its citizens thrive in the local, regional, and global environment. A thorough review of the UT System Branding can be found at the system Graphic and Editorial Guidelines website and includes more details regarding usage tips, campus signatures, and editorial guidelines. Supplemental guidelines that are specific to UTC are found here on the Communications and Marketing website.

Who needs these guidelines?

Everyone involved in the production of university communications needs this manual. Every employee charged with such tasks is a guardian of the University's public image.

Why do we use guidelines?

For consistency. Every communication from the University reflects upon the institution as a whole. The University brand is similar to a mosaic illustration. As with the tiles that compose the mosaic, the perception of UT is composed by the accumulation of visual and verbal messages.

To illustrate unity of purpose. The University of Tennessee is a complex organization composed of four major campuses; three institutes; has a presence in every county; employs thousands of faculty and staff; and educates thousands of students. It serves the people of the State of Tennessee as the state's university and land-grant institution. By utilizing a single identity for all components of this University, the strong, clear message is UT is a single, multifaceted, and major university.

To use communications resources efficiently and economically. Producing communications takes time and money. Using the guidelines saves on both and allows finite resources to be focused on the strategy and content of the publication.

Quick Points

  • The UTC wordmark and athletic symbols are the only graphics approved to represent the campus.
  • Departments and programs are not permitted to develop their own logos. The design or use of any other logo representing a departments or program, is allowed on a select basis. Creation of such secondary logos must be coordinated through Communication and Marketing.
  • The wordmark may be used individually or combined in the manner shown in this guide. No other combinations are permitted.
  • Use only university-approved digital art of the logo and wordmark.
  • UTC Graphic and Mail Services (423-425-4092) is the default printer for all UTC print pieces and is the only authorized printer to produce University stationery or business cards for UTC.
  • Publications are required by state law to be reviewed and assigned a publication number. Visit the Publication Number page for details on how to obtain a number.
  • Publications are required to display the Equal Employment Opportunity statement. Visit the EEO page for various versions available.
  • The University reserves the right to reject payment for printing projects that do not adhere to these guidelines, and the individual placing the order will be personally responsible to make payment.