Graphic Guidelines



Because the proper use of our visual branding benefits everyone at UTC, it’s important to respect the rules that govern our marks, colors, and other elements that make up our established look. A consistent brand is an effective brand. Changing components or colors, using outdated marks or modifying elements to suit your layout confuses consumers. It also compromises the message of your marketing piece, and it has a damaging ripple effect.


Consistency: Treat each communication from your department as one that reflects on the entire UTC institution as a whole. Just as you carefully ensure there are no misspellings or grammar problems, you must pay attention to the visual elements. Our style guide is designed to make branding consistency an easy task.

Standards: Visual branding is not a rigid entity. It must evolve to meet the needs of its users, changing technology and marketing trends. This guide gives you a complete picture of our current branding standards and is intended to alleviate confusion. Every attempt will be made to keep it current.

Tools: A style guide gives you the tools to communicate the UTC brand in the most efficient manner. When used properly, these tools will reinforce your marketing piece with the credibility of UTC.

With respect to the UTC brand, our goal is to build a consistent and compelling identity for the university, which is an entity of the UT system. The Division of Communications and Marketing is currently revising the UTC guidelines to make it easier for everyone to be brand-compliant. In the meantime, check the UT system Graphic and Editorial Guidelines for more information, or contact Creative Services Director Stephen Rumbaugh at or 423-425-1555.

Quick Points:

  • Get your department’s official logo package from Creative Services Director Stephen Rumbaugh at or 423-425-1555 to get your department’s official logo package.
  • Use only university-approved digital images of the logo and wordmark.
  • UTC Graphic and Mail Services (423-425-4092) is the default printer for all UTC print pieces and is the only printer authorized to produce University stationery or business cards for UTC.
  • Publications paid for with university funds must be assigned a PUBLICATION NUMBER. Send a PDF of your project to contact Creative Services Director Stephen Rumbaugh at or 423-425-1555 for a prompt branding and editorial review, and assignment of publication number. Typically, this is completed in less than 24 hours.

Publications paid for with university funds must display the Equal Employment Opportunity statement. Visit the EEO page for various versions available.