Getting Specific - Instagram

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a photo-centric social media app that more 800 million people use daily. Instagram is primarily a photo sharing app that now also includes a story feature where people can capture 6-second videos of themselves that disappear in 24-hours. If your account is public, other Instagram users can like your photos, comment on them and send you direct messages.

Why use Instagram?

Instagram is a very popular tool among people age 18 -29, meaning most students are on Instagram. This platform offers the opportunity to share highly visual and unique photos about your department, organization, or program. You can also provide an insider perspective by sharing photos or videos and information about your office, services, students, faculty members, staff and more.

How do I use Instagram?

First you need to download the mobile app on your phone. also exists in a desktop format. Here you can also explore other profiles, follow other users, edit your profile and even comment on photos all from your web browser/desktop computer.

Connect your Instagram account with other social media networks by sharing graphics with your Facebook and Twitter handles so as to increase participation on all of your social media accounts.

Strategies for using Instagram

  1. Post often to Instagram. Share AT LEAST once a week, and up to 5 times a week. Sharing frequently will increase traffic and your follower count. This will also encourage users to participate by liking or commenting on your photos/videos.
  2. Engage with other users. Double-tap to like a photo or tap the heart underneath the photo. (Only follow and engage with appropriate users. Please do not use your UTC branded account to express any personal viewpoints.) Mention other users either in the caption or comments, use “@” before another Instagrammer’s username and they will be notified they have been tagged in your post.
  3. Use appropriate photos that share something unique about your department, organization or program. Keep your photos fresh and appropriate for Instagram by following these tips and tricks for taking, editing and sharing Instagram-worthy photos.
  4. Respond to folks! Show other users you are engaged and paying attention by responding to users comments on your posts. This will help to increase your followers, and encourage other users to engage.
  5. Use PLENTY of hashtags. Don’t by shy here. Use “#” and then a topic or keyword, (example: #utchattanooga #MondayMotivation #ThursdayThoughts #chattanooga.) These will increase discoverability of your photo by other Instagrammers.
  6. Experiment with filters. Instagram provides many filters to change your photo. Take unfiltered photos on your mobile phone’s camera and open them in Instagram to experiment with the various filters to achieve an eye-catching and unique image.
  7. Edit with other apps if possible. Make your photos even more unique by using apps like Photoshop express, VSCO, Enlight, Mextures.
  8. Know how and when to delete a caption or comment. FYI: You cannot edit or modify a caption, however you can go into your “comments” section on an Instagram post, swipe left-to-right and activate the delete (trash can) button. You can do the same with unwanted comments from other users.