Referring to the University

On first reference: 
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

On second reference: 


or, the University

(capitalization to distinguish from generic “university”)


Don’t use hyphenated forms such as: 
University of Tennessee-Chattanooga

“The” is not part of the proper name of the institution and, therefore, is not capitalized when preceding the proper name unless at the beginning of a sentence.

Classes have begun at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga…



University of Tennessee, Knoxville; or UT Knoxville (no hyphen and no UTK)
University of Tennessee at Martin, or UT Martin (no hyphen)
University of Tennessee Health Science Center, or UTHSC (no hyphen and no Memphis)
University of Tennessee Space Institute, or UTSI

University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture, or UTIA

University of Tennessee Extension, or UT Extension

University of Tennessee Institute for Public Service, or IPS


All of the campuses and institutes together are the University of Tennessee.

Differentiating between “UT System Administration” and “UT System.”

  • UT System Administration:
    [proper name] The administrative/governing body, headed by the president and the administration and staff who support that office, for the statewide enterprise.
  • UT System:
    [general] The collective campuses, institutes, divisions, offices, properties and facilities statewide that belong to UT or the University.