Titles of persons

Many individuals at UTC have numerous professional and honorary titles that can be used with their names. Avoid excessive repetition of these titles. Upon first reference to a person's name use whatever titles seem appropriate to identify the person for the reader.

Thereafter, use a single academic or professional title (Dr., Prof., Director, etc.) and the last name or simply the last name only.

Dr. John Smith (first ref.), dean of the UTC School of Business, was recently honored by the National Association of Business Educators. Dr. Smith (second ref.), who was named business dean in 1975, was cited . . .


Prof. Jane Doe, director of research, was recently honored for her work in . . . .
Doe has been associated with the University since . . .

Mr. Miss Mrs. Ms.

Avoid the use of these nonacademic titles. Use either a professional or academic title or the last name only.


The abbreviations Prof. and Profs. can be used before the first name or initials.

Prof. J. C. Doe
Profs. John Doe and Jane Smith

But spell out the titles when used with the surname alone or with additional terms of rank.

Professor Doe
Professors Doe and Smith
Assistant Professor Smith


Heads of academic departments at UTC are to be referred to as department heads, not as chair, chairman, etc.