Eliminate excess capitalization whenever possible. When in doubt, do not capitalize.

Academic Degrees

Academic degrees are not capitalized when written out.

A bachelor of arts in English
A master's degree in psychology
A doctorate in chemistry

Building Names

Names of University buildings that have been officially named or that are used in a formal sense after UTC or University are capitalized.

In Founders Hall
The UTC Fine Arts Center
The UTC Arena
The Lupton Library
The University Bookstore
The rooms in Holt Hall
The University Center

Buildings with names having common, generic words -- library, center, bookstore, arena -- are not capitalized when used informally or when used as later references after the formal building name has already been used.Students using the Lupton Library are . . . Reference materials are found on the library's first floor.

Courses and Subjects

Capitalize a specific course or subject.Geology 101, Investigations in Earth Science

But do not capitalize names of school or college studies, fields of study, majors, minors,curricula, or options unless they contain proper nouns when no specific course is referred to.He is studying geology.
The Department of English offers a specialization in creative writing.
She has a dual major in philosophy and English.

Departmental and Office Names

Departmental and office names are capitalized when written out completely in a formal manner (i.e., the Office of . . . the Department of . . .). Words such as school, department, office, and other common, generic terms are lowercased when used alone.

The UTC School of Engineering; thereafter, the school
The Department of Mathematics; thereafter, the department
The Individualized Education Program; thereafter, the program
The Center for Economic Education; thereafter, the center
The Office of Records; thereafter, the office or records


Capitalize the word room when designating a particular room.The class meets in Room 204.

Seasons and Semesters

The names of the seasons and semesters are not capitalized.In the fall semester . . .

Student Classifications and Classes

Do not capitalize the words freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, or graduate when referring to the classification of a student or to the year in which a course is taken.That course should be taken in the freshman year.
She is a junior in English.

Titles or Persons

Official titles that precede a proper name are capitalized.

Chancellor Smith said . . .
Graphic Services Director John Doe has . . .

Exception: General titles describing professions (author, actor, pilot, etc.) are not capitalized before a name.
. . . according to author Jim Smith . . . replacing actor John Doe . . .

Titles following names are not capitalized (unless they contain proper nouns).
Dr. Smith, chancellor of UTC, said . . .
Jane Jones, UTC professor of English, said . . .
John Doe, director of university relations, said . . .
Tim Smith, director of the Department of Safety and Security, said . . .

Titles without accompanying names are not capitalized.
The chancellor said . . .