Don't be THAT Moc

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We're Not that Moc

female student poses for photo wearing power C mask

It Protects All of Us

I do my part in routine testing to protect me and others around me.

—Ella Jones

 Communication Professor Billy Weeks poses for photo wearing mask

It's Quick

I chose a time that worked for me. The routine testing process was simple and didn't disrupt my schedule at all.

—Billy Weeks

Male student poses for photo with mask

It's No Big Deal

Routine testing is no big deal. It's just what we've got to do for now—to get back to normal life faster.

—TJ Taylor

student poses for photo wearing power c mask

It Doesn't Cost a Thing

I was stressed about paying for routine testing, but I was relieved when I found out it doesn't cost a thing!

—Holt Brindley

UTC staff Carol Geter poses for photo wearing mask

It's Necessary

I took my routine test because it's the right thing to do. Get your test for everyone you care about.

—Carole Geter

Coach Lamont Paris poses for photo holding basketball and wearing a mask

It's Painless

I do routine testing three times per week. It's a painless process and the results are back in 15 minutes.

—Lamont Paris

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UTC student Kaylah poses behind frame that reads: I'm not THAT Moc! I took the test.

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