Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the official UTC logo?

Complete the Logo Request Form to get an official logo.

What if I don't see my unit in any of the blocks?

If you don't see your unit in any of the blocks, let us know by complete this form.

What if my unit isn't listed correctly?

It's possible that we've spelled your unit wrong or have it listed slightly wrong. Please complete this form.

How can I submit my unit liaison?

If your unit liaison isn't listed or is listed incorrectly, please complete this form.

What will the liaison receive when the unit identifier is complete?

The liaison will receive various color combinations of every logo in the package. Each variation will be provided as an eps, jpg, png and pdf.

Can I replace my current stationery package with the new designs?

Yes, but please do so when you run out of the old design if possible. If you need to replace your current supply immediately, please recycle the old materials.

Can I get electronic stationery?

Yes. You can download electronic stationery here.