COMM 4850 Internship Application Procedures

NEWApplicants need to turn in a digital portfolio, created using Google Sites. 


Step 1: Learn how to create a portfolio 

You need to use Google sites (using your account) to create your digital portfolio.

Below are some resource to help you learn how to create a digital portfolio:

Step 2: Create Your Portfolio

Wondering what a digital portfolio looks like? Check out sample digital portfolios.

Your digital portfolio needs to include the following pages/tabs:

  • Home page: On this page include your name, Communication major, The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
  • Communication Career Goal page: Include a statement of not fewer than 200 words.
  • Resume page: Include your resume
  • Writing Samples page: Include 3 different media writing examples (see more details below)
  • Visual Samples page:  Include 2 different visual examples (see more details below)
  • Audio Samples page (optional): If you have audio samples, create a separate page for your aduio samples. This is not required. 

Your portfolio of sample works should consist of the following examples:

  1. Three (3) different media writing examples of YOUR OWN work. These must be your own original work from internships, jobs, or class assignments, and should not have grading marks on them. Examples include stories written for The Echo or other publications; scripts or stories written for Mocs News or other video productions; copy written for clients in Comm. 3330 or Comm. 4700; Web copy written for Comm. 3370 or other writing created especially for some form of media. Research papers are not acceptable media writing examples.
  2. Two (2) visual example of YOUR OWN WORK, printed out on paper, if possible. Possible examples include a printout of a Power Point presentation you designed that should include graphics, art or photographs; a print out of a screen capture of a web pages you designed; a design project or printed literature you designed, such as a flyer, advertisement, or brochure; a photograph you shot, published or not;  link of a video, with or without audio,that you shot and/or edited. You MUST include a printed description of all samples. DVDs will not be accepted.

All examples in the digital portfolio MUST BE WITHIN A VISUAL/WRITTEN OR AUDIO TAB. Include a brief description of the piece and your role in creating it.  For example, the description might state: 

  • “This is a news story written for The Echo.  I conducted the interviews and wrote the story.” OR
  • “This is a ________for COMM ____.  I conducted _____.” OR
  • “This is a brochure for my sorority.  I helped edit the copy and did the layout and design.” 

A brief reminder about plagiarism: If you are caught submitting or claiming work that is not your own, you will not be approved to do an internship under COMM 4850. Be complete and clear in the labeling of your examples.  Do not take credit for work you did not do. You WILL BE caught.

Step 3: Submit Your Portfolio

Before turning in your portfolio, review the COMM 4850 Internship checklist.

Are you ready to submit your digital portfolio?

Submit your porfolio at:

You will be notified via email if you have been accepted into Comm. 4850, Individual Internship. If you are not accepted, your email will explain why and tell you what you must do to get accepted. 

All internship placements must be coordinated through the faculty internship director(s).