Student Internship

The College of Engineering and Computer Science works with the UTC Career and Student Employment Center to provide our students with variety of comprehensive free resources.

The college encourages students to take advantage of internship opportunities.  Interning provides students with practical experience, insight to potential jobs, the ability to network with employers, and help them make career decisions even if the company may not have any full time positions available.

Interning helps employers gain experience with future employees, and helps in the selection of the best candidates for open positions.  Finding motivated employees with a passion for the work they are hired to perform is difficult at best.  Having the opportunity to “try out” future employees first can help make sure the correct employee is hired.

The College welcomes feedback on quality of students being interned, potential additions to training to support your industry, and opportunities to further partner.

Internship Survey:

If you are a student already in an internship, please provide the following information.  A small token for thanks can be picked up at _________ for completing the info below.

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