The center specifically uses the word “applied” in its name. This means that it wishes to involve itself in real-world, everyday problems and challenges. Yes, research issues can be undertaken also; however, the center does do “applied” work and wishes to do so. By virtue of having faculty members and associates who have practical engineering experience, management experience, and research experience, there are numerous tasks that may be undertaken to meet your expressed needs in a competent and timely manner.

The center provides its customers:

  1. Having easy access to a highly competent resource in Chattanooga
  2. Having the center manage the recruiting, selection, and general oversight (payroll, etc.) of personnel needed for any particular task
  3. Having the flexibility to define either short term or long term tasks to be undertaken by the center
  4. Having the flexibility to staff a project with students, faculty, and associates, or some combination of each
  5. Having individuals work either on-site or off-site as the task demands
  6. Having the opportunity to observe individuals (students) on-the-job and, thereby, be in good position to make offers for full-time employment to preferred persons
  7. Cultivating an even stronger working relationship/partnership with the university

Some of the areas of expertise that the center provides includes (but is not limited to):

  1. Energy audits and conservation studies
  2. Load forecasting
  3. Product quality assessments
  4. Work-flow planning
  5. Materials analysis and selection
  6. Process analysis
  7. Compilation of test data and preparation of reports
  8. Economic evaluations for operations alternatives
  9. Viability of environmental measures
  10. Maintenance evaluations and economic assessments
  11. Various supporting activities related to coal, oil, gas, hydro, nuclear, or alternative energy power production
  12. Training of personnel at various operational levels (plant operators, engineers, managers, and senior managers)

Special requirements should be discussed with the director of the Cranston Pearce Center, Professor Jan Evans, to assure that specific requests can be handled satisfactorily.

Please note that the university is an Equal Opportunity employer that complies with all applicable laws and regulations regarding equal employment opportunities.