Dr. Ron Cox

Dr. Ronald B. Cox  PhD, MBA, PE

Burkett Miller Chair of Excellence in Management and Technology

Founder's Message

Consistent with Chattanooga’s heritage as a highly diversified manu-facturing and transportation hub, the Center’s early activities focused upon providing training and development for engineers and managers in the power generation, manufacturing and transportation sectors. Also, support services in facilities planning, engineering design and development, and marketing were provided by faculty, students, and affiliates of the center, to both public and private organizations throughout the region

Dr. Ronald B. Cox founded the Cranston Pearce Center for Applied Engineering and Technology in the 1980’s. The Center was funded by the Tonya Foundation and was named in honor of Mr. Cranston Pearce, former Executive Vice President of the American National Bank in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Today, the Center continues its activity in the broad application of engineering, business, and computer science services to regional companies. The highly skilled and experienced faculty, students, and affiliates of the Center are able to provide support at entry level positions as well as at the most senior executive levels.

“Please let us see how we might assist you and your company in serving your customers and in working with you to develop a more competitive position for your organization.”