Dr. Neslihan Alp

Dr. Neslihan Alp, P.E.
Specialty: Engineering Management and Industrial Engineering


Dr. Ronald Cox

Dr. Ron Cox, P.E.

Specialty: Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Management, Corporate Development, and Strategic Management

E-Mail: Ronald-Cox@utc.edu

Dr. Ahmed H. Eltom, P.E.

Dr. Ahmed H. Eltom, P.E.

Specialty: Electrical Engineering, Power Systems, and Smart Grid Technology

E-Mail: Ahmed-Eltom@utc.edu


Jan Evans

Jan Evans, M.B.A., A.B.D.

Specialty: Manufacturing Processes, Engineering Management, and Industrial Engineering

E-Mail: Jan-Evans@utc.edu

Dr. Joseph M. Kizza

Dr. Joseph M. Kizza

Specialty: Computer Science, Cyber Security, and Cloud Computing

E-Mail: Joseph-Kizza@utc.edu


Dr. Aldo McClean

Dr. Aldo McLean, CMQ/OE

Specialty: Engineering Management, Supply Chain Logistics, and Industrial Engineering

E-Mail: Aldo-McLean@utc.edu 

Dr. Ed McMahon

Dr. Ed McMahon, P.E.

Specialty: Engineering Management, Product Development, and Smart Grid Technology

E-Mail: Ed-McMahon@utc.edu

Dr. McDonald

Dr. Gary McDonald, P.E.

Specialty: Mechanical Engineering

E-Mail: Gary-McDonald@utc.edu



Dr. Joe Owino

Dr. Joseph Owino

Specialty: Civil Engineering

E-Mail: Joseph-Owino@utc.edu



Bobi Reed

Bobi Reed, CAP

Administrative Assistant

E-Mail: Bobi-Reed@utc.edu


Dr. Tricia Thomas

Dr. Tricia A. Thomas

Specialty: Process Analysis and Chemical Engineering

E-Mail: Tricia-Thomas@utc.edu


Mr. Uwe Zitzow

Specialty: Electrical Engineering, Business Development, Power Systems

E-Mail: uwezitzow@comcast.net