Upcoming Funding Opportunities

NSF CISE Research Infrastructure (CRI): https://www.nsf.gov/pubs/2017/nsf17581/nsf17581.htm?WT.mc_id=USNSF_25&WT.mc_ev=click

Computer and Network Systems (CNS): Core Programs 17-570 Full Proposal: September 27, 2017
Information and Intelligent Systems (IIS): Core Programs 17-572 Full Proposal: September 27, 2017
Research in the Formation of Engineers (RFE) 17-1340 Full Proposal: September 27, 2017
Research Experiences for Teachers (RET) in Engineering and Computer Science 17-575 Full Proposal: October 10, 2017
Energy for Sustainability   Full Proposal: October 20, 2017
Environmental Sustainability   Full Proposal: October 20, 2017
Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) 16-588 Full Proposal: October 23, 2017  (Life Sciences, Geosciences)
Full Proposal: October 24, 2017 (Computer and information Science and - Engineering, Engineering, Materials Research) 
Full Proposal: October 26, 2017 (Psychology, Social Sciences, STEM Education and Learning)
Full Proposal: October 27, 2017 ( Chemistry, Mathematical Sciences, Physics and Astronomy)
Communications, Circuits, and Sensing-Systems (CCSS)   Full Proposal: November 1, 2017 
Supplement: April 2, 2018
Energy, Power, Control, and Networks (EPCN)   Full Proposal: November 1, 2017 
Supplement: April 2, 2018
Manufacturing Machines and Equipment (MME)   Full Proposal: September 15, 2017 
Full Proposal: January 24, 2018
Fluid Dynamics   Full Proposal: October 20, 2017
Engineering of Biomedical Systems (EBMS)   Full Proposal: October 20, 2017
Materials Engineering and Processing (MEP)   Full Proposal: September 15, 2017 
Full Proposal: January 24, 2018
Broadening Participation in Engineering (BPE)   Full Proposal: February 5, 2018
Civil Infrastructure Systems (CIS)   Full Proposal: September 15, 2017 
Full Proposal: January 24, 2018
Infrastructure Management and Extreme Events (IMEE)   Full Proposal: September 15, 2017 
Full Proposal: January 24, 2018
Software Infrastructure for Sustained Innovation (SSE, SSI, S2I2) 17-526 Full Proposal: September 19, 2017
Training-based Workforce Development for Advanced Cyberinfrastructure (CyberTraining) 17-507 Full Proposal: October 9, 2017

National Science Foundation

Critical Techniques, Technologies and Methodologies for Advancing Foundations and Applications of Big Data Sciences and Engineering (BIGDATA) 

Proposal Window: TBA

The BIGDATA program seeks novel approaches in computer science, statistics, computational science, and mathematics, along with innovative applications in domain science, including social and behavioral sciences, education, biology, the physical sciences, and engineering that lead towards the further development of the interdisciplinary field of data science. More information can be found at:


National Science Foundation

Emerging Frontiers in Research and Innovation (EFRI-2017)

Full Proposal Deadline Date: TBA

This program is a funding opportunity for interdisciplinary teams of researchers to embark on rapidly advancing frontiers of fundamental engineering research. Proposals that aim to investigate emerging frontiers in the following two research areas will be considered:

  • Advancing Communication Quantum Information Research in Engineering (ACQUIRE)
  • New Light, EM (Electronic) and Acoustic Wave Propagation: Breaking Reciprocity and Time-Reversal Symmetry (NewLAW)

More information can be found at:


National Science Foundation

Inclusion across the Nation of Communities of Learners of Underrepresented Discoverers in Engineering and Science (NSF INCLUDES)

Preliminary Proposal Deadline Date: TBA

Full Proposal Deadline Date: TBA

NSF INCLUDES supports efforts to create networked relationships among organizations whose goals include developing talent from all sectors of society to build the STEM workforce.  This initiative seeks to improve collaborative efforts aimed at enhancing the preparation, increasing the participation, and ensuring the contributions of individuals from groups that have traditionally been underrepresented and underserved in the STEM enterprise. More information can be found at:


National Science Foundation

Scholarships in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Program (S-STEM)

Full Proposal Deadline Date: TBA

The S-STEM program provides Institutions of Higher Education (IHEs) with funds for scholarships to encourage and enable low-income academically talented students with demonstrated financial need to enter the workforce or graduate study following completion of associate, baccalaureate, or graduate degrees in STEM. Note: An Institution may submit one proposal (either as a single institution or as subawardee or a member of a Collaborative Research project) from each constituent school or college that awards degrees in an eligible field.


National Science Foundation

Cybersecurity Innovation for Cyberinfrastructure (CICI)

Full Proposal Deadline Date: TBA

The objective of the Cybersecurity Innovation for Cyberinfrastructure (CICI) program is to develop, deploy and integrate security solutions that benefit the scientific community by ensuring the integrity, resilience and reliability of the end-to-end scientific workflow. This program seeks unique ways to protect scientific instruments, resources, cyberinfrastructure and data that extend beyond building better perimeters and point solutions. Note: Institutions are limited to submitting 2 CICI proposals.  More information can be found at:


National Science Foundation

Cultivating Cultures for Ethical STEM (CCE STEM)

Full proposal deadline date: TBA

The CCE STEM program accepts proposals for innovative research projects to foster ethical STEM research in all of the fields of science and engineering that NSF supports, including within interdisciplinary, inter-institutional and international contexts. CCE STEM research projects will use basic research to produce knowledge about what constitutes responsible or irresponsible, just or unjust scientific practices and sociotechnical systems, and how to best instill students with this knowledge. More information can be found at:


Department of Energy

Advanced Research Projects Agency- Energy

Creating Innovative and Reliable Circuits Using Inventive Topologies and Semiconductors (CIRCUITS)

Concept papers due: TBA

The CIRCUITS program seeks to accelerate the development and deployment of a new class of efficient, lightweight, and reliable power converters based on wide bandgap (WBG) semiconductors through transformational system-level advances that enable effective operation at high switching frequency, high temperature, and low loss.

More information can be found at: https://arpa-e-foa.energy.gov/Default.aspx#FoaId2d3f7530-bdc3-4090-ae7c-0d5ca8584e07

US Army Research Lab

Core Broad Agency Announcement for Basic and Applied Scientific Research

This BAA is a continuously open announcement valid TBA.

Research proposals are sought from educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, and commercial organizations for research in materials sciences; ballistics and aeromechanics sciences; information sciences; human sciences; survivability, lethality, and vulnerability analysis and assessment; chemistry; electronics; physics; environmental sciences; life sciences; mechanical sciences, mathematical sciences, computing sciences and network sciences. Note: prospective offerors contemplating submission of a whitepaper or proposal are strongly encouraged to contact the appropriate technical point of contact (TPOC) before submission.

More information can be found at: https://www.arl.army.mil/www/default.cfm?page=8


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